Dalmatian Club of Victoria –

Dalmatian Club of New South Wales

Dalmatian Club of South Australia –

Cruising Canine Dog Trailers –

Krystaway Dalmatians –

Jendally Dalmatians –

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CCDals Dogzonline Profiles

Alice – RUBIS Aust Ch Krystaway Wicked In Silk

Aquarius – Aust Ch Jendally Age of Aquarius

Apollo; RUBISS Aust Ch Dimadal Journey To The Stars

Astro; CCDals Astro Wonder Boy

Bonleigh; CCDals Bonleigh Golden Mile

Diamond; CCDals Bright Diamond Design

Cheyenne; CCDals Cheyenne Sun Dance

Calvin; CCDals Calvin Klein Iconic Fame

Boris; CCDals Commander N Chief

Abba; CCDals Abba Winner Takes All

Alicia; CCDals Alicia Girl On Fire

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