I wish to thank the following people (in no particular order below); without their sheer passion, patience and determination CCDalmatians would not have been developed.

  • Lorna and Carol Brady (Jalorca Dalmatians)
  • Michael and Denise Starkey (Sutania Dalmatians)
  • Glenys Biggs (Specialist Dog Obedience Trainer/Whisperer)
  • Ashley Reid (Specialist Dog Show Trainer/Whisper – Certificate 4 in Adult Learning)
  • Ernie Frappa (Specialist Dog Trainer – Certificate 3 Dog Behavior and Training)
  • Deborah and Robert Harbin (Krystaway Dalmatians)
  • Jenny and Tara Delmenico (Jendally Dalmatians)
  • Diane and Erin Boyle (Dimadal Dalmatians)
  • Garry and Janis Wombwell (Belnova Dalmatians) (Dalmatian Club Of Victoria (DCOV) active committee members 2002-2008, Treasurer 2004-2005 and President of the DCOV 2006-2008)
  • Jim Lane (Patron of the Dalmatian Club of Victoria and Ex-President of the National Dalmatian Club from 2001-2004)



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