11 Mar 2023

17th Dalmatian National Speciality Show – 11th March 2023

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Dalmatian Nationals In Australia are normally every 3 years; across 3 States Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD) and 1 Territory the Australian National Capital (ACT). This years 17th Dalmatian National was completed in the ACT.

Due to the COVID Pandemic the Dalmatians Nationals was delayed for almost 2 years.

Dalmatians from all across Australia attended approximately 164 Dalmatian in total.

CCDalmatians only attended with 2 CCDalmatians;

  • Australian Champion CCDals Valentine Pure Love – Valentine
  • CCDals X Marks The Spot Tinkerbell – Tinkerbell

CCDalmatians also had the privilege to professionally handle 3 Additional Dalmatians who all placed.

A Big Thanks you goes to two exceptional Individuals Douglas Marsh (6 Sense Web Solutons) who generated my National Advertisement (presented as the featured Image) and Lauren Richardson (Lauren Richardson Photography) who generated the main photo of the featured image.

Featured Image Pictured (Left to Right and Top to Bottom) –

  • Australian Champion CCDals Valentine Pure Love – Valentine
  • Australian Champion CCDals Flash Dance – Flash
  • Australian Champion CCDals Bright Diamond Design – Diamond

I wish to also genuinely thank the Dalmatian Nationals exclusive photographer Sachii Michelle – “SachiiPeace Photography” who captured the true quality of all the Dalmatians shown at the Nationals.

Pictures below of CCDals X Marks The Spot Tinkerbell and Australian Champion CCDals Valentine Pure Love in action at the 17th Dalmatians Nationals 2023 taken by SachiiPeace Photography.

CCDals X Marks The Spot Tinkerbell (Pictured Below)

Tinkerbell-Nationals-standing-webAustralian Champion CCDals Valentine Pure Love (Pictured Below)



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