18 Apr 2016

CC Dalmatians are moving house


kennelsIt is with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce that CC Dalmatians is today moving to our fantastic new dream property. It has been a long road with months of searching, planning and hard work to bring about us  securing this immaculate 18.5 acre property complete with our own private lake (actually there are 3). Located just 20 minutes from central Ballarat & approximately an hours drive from Melbourne CBD we remain readily accessible to all current and future friends and family of CC Dalmatians.

dog-yardsThe new CC Dalmatians home boasts professional dog facilities that include brick kennels with spilt system A/C & cages/whelping boxes. Externally there are 6 small yards, 7 larger yards, 7 dog runs (2 with sand) sitting amongst beautifully landscaped gardens as well as an exercise paddock & a private lake for swimming. As you can imagine this amounts to a dalmatian paradise.

The property and its facilities will enable us to continue our passion of breeding and exhibiting our quality dalmatians. We look forward to showing our visitors around our new CC Dalmatians facilities.

4 Responses to CC Dalmatians are moving house
  1. How awesome! Looks like you’ve secured a great spot for yourself and your dogs!

  2. Your new home looks amazing Cecilia and Carl, I wish you and your spotted kids all the happiness in the world at your new home and the kids will love running around free in all that space.
    Love and Hugs,


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