16 Sep 2017

CCDalmatians Birthday Celebrations – Daisy, Delta, Domino, Charles and Rain


Alicia’s children from her second litter all celebrated their first birthday in sensational style. The doggy birthday party produced, presented, organised and initiated by the most simply amazing Dalmatian owners; Nicci and Hayden Mitchell the owner of CCDals Devine Prince Charles. The presentation of the party table (pictured below) was truly an art work. The hand made doggy birthday cakes and the Pinata filled with doggy treats were an immense hit with the spotty birthday siblings.

The birthday siblings are pictured in the featured image at the “Kissing Booth” left to right; CCDals Don’t Rain On My Parade (Rain), CCDals Devine Prince Charles (Charles), CCDals Delta Royal Cleopatra (Delta), CCDals Domino Dreams Come True (Domino) and CCDals Daisy Like The Wind (Daisy).


All the Birthday Siblings played to the max with CCDals Don’t Rain On My Parade (Rain) leaping for joy with CCDals Devine Prince Charles (Charles) pictured below.


CCDalmatians wishes to sincerely thank Nicci and Hayden Mitchell for organising a sensational day for all the CCDals birthday siblings and also providing a brilliant cooked lunch for all the Dogial owners.

Not to be out done Jacinta Ditterich and Tom Greaves also held an exceptionally exquisite first birthday party for Rain – CCDals Don’t Rain On My Parade pictured below.


The most rewarding experience as a breeder, is experiencing these special Birthday moments with dogs you have breed and knowing that these dogs have most loving owners who truly spoil them in every way.


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  1. How delightful! The catering looks amazing, (I’m assuming all intended for the 4 legged attendees) lol.


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