27 Sep 2017

CCDalmatians Glamour Photo Shoot


CCDalmatians Glamour Shoot captured the true essence and character of our Dalmatians a big thank you goes to Verity Adams from HPR Photography.


Elvis-ModalCCDALS Elvis The Wonder Of You (Pictured above)


CCDalmatians are true Modals; please await for many more exciting images to be presented with two new Dalmatians modals CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris) and CCDals Cruise Endless Love (Cruise).


CCDALS Delta Royal Cleopatra (pictured above)


Here is a sneak preview of our stunning Dalmatian models.


Pictured Left to right; CCDals Cheyenne Sun Dance, CCDals Bonleigh Golden Mile, CCDals Astro Wonder Boy, CCDals Elvis The Wonder Of You, CCDals Domino Dreams Come True, CCDals From Paris With Love, CCDals Crusie Endless Love, Aust Ch Bright Diamond Design and CCDals From Paris WIth Love.

8 Responses to CCDalmatians Glamour Photo Shoot
  1. Gorgeous photos and of course gorgeous dogs.

  2. The beauty of these exquisite Dalmatians is breathtaking!

  3. They all look so amazing. Any film crew needing a four legged fashionable model is going to be delighted with them.

  4. So, so beautiful. Whenever anyone asks where we got our beautiful Dalmatian, always so proud to say CC Dals. They are all model material.


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