11 Feb 2017

CCDalmatians Puppy Party 2017…..Puppies Galore

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Fifteen CCDalmatian puppies (not quite a 101 Dalmatians) celebrated in style a puppy party at the Kepala Pet Resort and Canine Country Club Diggers Rest Melbourne with a brilliant swim, run in the immaculately kept grounds and picnic fit for kings and queens.

Puppy-Pool-Party--Pool-(2)--2017An exceptionally special day that will never be forgotten.  I wish to sincerely thank all the CCDalmatian Puppy Owners in person for bringing their puppies; in no particular order


Bradley and Catalina – Lola, Nicci and Hayden – Prince Charles, Adam, Celeste and Xavier – Everest, Christine and Julian – Spotticus, Katie and Chris – Poppy, Olivia and Jackson – Pascoe, Tom and Jacinta – Rain, Vicki and Ashley- Ruby, Vicki and Peter Stella and Eline and Ingrid – Dakota and Meli. A special thank you also needs to be made to the CCDalmatian puppy nanny Amelia who also came to celebrate this special party date.


A very proud moment as a breeder to see all the puppies so healthy, happy, adored and socializing to perfection.



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