18 May 2017

CCDals Produces The Largest Dalmatian Litter In Australian History & Meets the World Record


CCDalmatians are absolutely ecstatic and are completely speechless. CCDalmatian produces 18 healthy happy healthy Dalmatian puppies naturally whelped by their proud and very brave mother Sarasota From Russia With Love (Miley) (Dam/Mother). The largest Dalmatian litter in Australian history and meeting the World Record to date.

Miley-Litter-18-May-2017-Day-1-BThis litter was produced out of love for the breed and is a Love Litter. With the mothers Love Potion and the fathers (CCDals Astro Wonder Boy (Astro) Wonder Powers the equation worked. We even produced a Love Heart Patch on a very sweet girl.


Miley-and-Astro-Puppy-Page-Stacked-Photos(Pictured left to right Sarasota From Russia With Love (Miley)  (Dam/Mother) and CCDals Astro Wonder Boy (Astro) (Sire/ Father)

Dam/Mother:  Sarasota From Russia With Love (Miley)


Sire/ Father:  CCDals Astro Wonder Boy (Astro)


Australian Champion Krystaway Wicked In Silk and Australian Champion Jendally Age of Aquarius are also very proud grand parents for the third time.

The 18 health Dalmatian puppies were whelped naturally on the 18th of May 2017.

All 18 Dalmatian puppies are black and white spotted

  • 10 Females
  • 2 Females Patched (One Pirate Girl and One Love Heart Patch)
  • 6 Males


The weight of each puppy when born were as follows:

Pup 1 – Pink Girl 410 Grams
Pup 2  – Red Sparkles Girl 405 Grams
Pup 3 – Lime Green Girl 307 Grams
Pup 4 – Green Boy 329 Grams
Pup 5 – Yellow Girl 339 Grams
Pup 6 – Purple Girl 355 Grams
Pup 7 – Mauve Girl 300 Grams
Pup 8 – Dark Blue Boy 328 Grams
Pup 9 – Navy Blue Boy 228 Grams
Pup 10 – Pink & Purple Girl 273 Grams
Pup 11 – Orange Girl 324 Grams
Pup 12 – Light & Dark Blue Boy 331 Grams
Pup 13 – Patch Heart Girl 303 Grams
Pup 14 – Green & Red Boy 314 Grams
Pup 15 – Navy & Red Girl 283 Grams
Pup 16 – Green & Yellow Girl 290 Grams
Pup 17 – Red & Yellow Boy 340 Grams
Pup 18 – Pink Sparkles Pirate Patch Girl 360 Grams

Should you be looking to secure a CCDalmatian puppy as an addition to your family please Register Your Interest with us to prevent any disappointment.

NOTE: The Largest Dalmatian Litter In Australian History per official records supplied by the Australian National Kennel Council LTD (ANKC) who administrator the registration of all pedigree dogs in Australia. Note since the mid 1970’s in Australia 40,000 pedigree Dalmatians have been registered in Australia with the ANKC. In 2016 there were 68 Dalmatian litters registered Nationally. Ranking Dalmatian litters as the 31st most popular dog in Australia in 2016.

2 Responses to CCDals Produces The Largest Dalmatian Litter In Australian History & Meets the World Record
  1. Wow, 18 beautiful bundles of CCDals joy! These Dalmatian puppies are so special they are already winning things at birth :) I shall enjoy watching them as they grow into adorable and stunning CCDalmatians.

    Congratulations on equaling the world litter record.


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