12 Aug 2017

Chanel Jetsets Across Australia


IMG_2761Today Chanel travelled to Melbourne airport as part of her jet-setting adventure across Australia destined for her new home in Perth. Flying Virgin we trust she will have a smooth and happy journey while travelling in her airline approved vari crate (the doggy equivalent of first class). She will soon be meeting her new family of Mum, Dad, 2 young children and several cats to play with. Living opposite the beach she is sure to have many long and leisurely beach strolls with her family.

Chanel was born in the 2015 CCDalmatian litter and started life with a kind hearted Melbourne family however due to a change in circumstances she has gone on to bigger and more exciting adventures in life.

We wish her all the best with her new family and look forward to hearing how she blossoms and excels in the future.

A special thank you to Michelle Booth from ‘Adstaff Pet Travel’ for arranging Chanel’s travel itinerary in a quick and professional manner.

4 Responses to Chanel Jetsets Across Australia
  1. I hope she keeps her duty free purchases to a reasonable budget…

    Good luck in your new home Chanel

  2. Have a wonderful new life Chanel


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