09 Jan 2023

Happy New Year 2022 / 2023 CCDalmatians / MoDals

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2020, 2021 and 2022 International Pandemic COVID affected the world.MODALS-Romeo-and-Ruby

CCDalmatians is based in Victoria a State in Australia that had approximately 275 Days in lock down. Victoria had more days in lock down than any other place in the world inhibiting a normal way of life for all Victorians.

COVID changed the ability for Victorian residents to effectively Show their dogs and operate. With almost a year in lock down in Victoria the effects on the economy have been adverse. With No Victorian Dogs shows for almost a year and no interstate or international judges this has changed the dog show world significantly in the short term in Victoria.

In 2022 as the State Borders opened, lock downs ceased, Dogs Shows recommenced and our modelling business – MoDals started to gain ground again.

MoDals excelling in 2022 completing multiple job roles for Fashion Houses, Petstock, Engleheart Homes, Wedding Company Dezine By Mauro, Medibank, Spend Less Shoes and Kmart.

CCDals Perfect Pepper – MoDal Englehart Homes Victoria – YouTube

MoDal -CCDals Dakota Real Love – In Action – YouTube


With Work and breeding Commitments (after the aftermath of COVID) in 2022 CCDalmatians strategic Focus was our next generation of show dogs and on expanding our MoDals Business. To actively achieve this more Meticulous attention, time, devotion have been taken to seriously train and breed our dogs.

In 2021 and 2022 CCDalmatians Added 6 New Show Dog Additions –

  • CCDals Romeo Royale (Romeo)
  • CCDals Ruby Rose (Ruby)
  • CCDals Spectacular Zuri – Zuri (Owned by Amanda Darmanin)
  • CCDals Tango Tailor Made – Tango
  • CCDals Valentine Pure Love – Valentine
  • CCDals X Marks The Spot Tinkerbell – Tinkerbell

CCDals Romeo Royal – Romeo (Pictured Below)


CCDals Ruby Rose – Ruby (Pictured Below)

CCDALS-Ruby-ROSECCDals Spectacular Zuri – Zuri (Pictured Below)

CCDALS Spectular Zuri


CCDals Tango Tailor Made – Tango In Action(Pictured Below)CCDALS TANGO TAILOR MADE (2) Running 

CCDals Valentine Pure Love – Valentine In Action (Pictured Below)CCDals-Valentine-Pure-Love

CCDals X Marks The Spot Tinkerbell – Tinkerbell In Action (Pictured Below)CCDALS-X-Marks-The-Spot-Tinkerbell-running

CCDalmatians would like to immensely thank all the professional trainers, health professionals, Commerical Businesses, puppy buyers and CCDalmatians/MoDals followers for their genuine support, guidance and endless commitment in me and all my CCDalmatians.

I very special mention goes to the following individuals and organisations in no particular order that have wholeheartly helped me and my dogs professionally in 2022; Peter Frost – Top Dog Handling, Yvonne Ross (Petstock), Lisa Straszek (Secretary Ballaarat Obedience Club), Andrea Calistro (Canine Hydrotherapist and Canine Myofunctional Therapist – Fido Hydro), Avonsleigh Veterinary Clinic, Lauren Richardson & Bobby Cairns (Lauren Richardson Photography) and Douglas Marsh (6 Sense Web Design).

CCDalmatians wishes every one a very successful 2023

Again A Big Thank you to all the CCDalmatians Owners, Supporters, Trainers, Health Professionals and all the Modelling Fraternity that have genuinely acknowledged the attributes of all our CCDalmatians. 



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