31 Dec 2023

Happy New Year 2023 / 2024 CCDalmatians and MoDals

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The highlight for CCDalmatians and MoDals in 2023 is the strong loyalty, support and integrity of all the CCDalmatian Owners and followers nationally and Internationally.

MoDals modelling continues to grow and expand due to the sheer commitment, love and training of their amazing owners across Australia. A special mention in no particular order goes to the following;

  • Melinda Gregson who owns CCDals Yippee Duke – Duke who completed two Modal assignments in NSW for Glassons and Nuba and Aspen Jewellery Company
  • Chi Pham who owns CCDals Marvellous Hank – Hank who completed a whole Day Advertisement in Brighton Victoria for Paws Advertising Agent

CCDals Perfect Pepper and CCDals Romeo Royale also completed MoDal Assignments for Dezine By Mauro – Weddings (pictured below)

MODALS-2023Amongst the Showing, Modelling and Breeding there has been CCDalmatian Parties (organised by CCDalmatain Owners) to celebrate the beauty of the breed and the sheer gratitude they have for owning a CCDalmatian puppy. A special mention goes the following owners (in no particular order) who travelled from all across Australia for these amazing parties; Chi Pham, Paige Tehan, Shannon Grosser, Melissa Hosemans, Mia White and Madeline Toner. Pictures and videos featured in this newsletter features 7 Adult Dalmatians in their prime enjoying each others company.

    • CCDals Ruby Rose
    • CCDals Marvellous Hank
    • CCDals Noble Scout
    • CCDals Warm hearted Oreo
    • CCDals Witty Higgie
    • CCDals Well Known Freddie
    • CCDals Wondrous Kayanohime


CCDalmatians Christmas Pool Party – Rothwell Run Little River – YouTube

CCDalmatians Party – Rothwell Run Little River – YouTube

In 2023 CCDalmatians our commitment and strategic Focus was again our current generation of show dogs and on expanding our MoDals Business. To actively achieve this Meticulous attention, time and devotion have been taken to seriously train and breed our dogs.

CCDalamatains gained an Australian Championship Title with Aust Ch. CCDals Valentine Pure Love in 2023 – Valentine pictured below.




CCDalmatians also introduces a New Show Dog Addition – CCDals Ace Of Hearts – Ace has a very exciting future ahead for this beautiful boy.

CCDals Ace Of Hearts – Ace (Pictured Below)

ACE-Christmas-2023CCDalmatians would like to immensely thank again all the professional trainers, health professionals, Commerical Businesses, puppy buyers and CCDalmatians/MoDals followers for their genuine support, guidance and endless commitment in me and all my CCDalmatians.

A very special mention goes to the following individuals and organisations in no particular order that have wholeheartly helped me and my dogs professionally in 2023; Alicia Ciantar (Furevaspots Dalmatians), Garry and Janis Wombwell (Belnova Dalmatains), Sophie and Anthony Gallo (Novadal Dalmatians), Yvonne Ross (Petstock), Andrea Calistro (Canine Hydrotherapist and Canine Myofunctional Therapist – Fido Hydro), John Hamilton (Avonsleigh Veterinary Clinic), Lauren Richardson & Bobby Cairns (Lauren Richardson Photography) and Douglas Marsh (6 Sense Web Design).

CCDalmatians wishes every one a very successful 2024.


A “Big Thank You” goes to all the CCDalmatians Owners, Supporters, Trainers, Health Professionals and all the Modelling Fraternity that have genuinely acknowledged the attributes of all our CCDalmatians. 




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