18 Nov 2017

Internationally Famous Litter of 18 Dalmatian Puppies Turn 6 Months of Age


The Internationally Famous Dalmatian mother Sarasota From Russia With Love (Miley) is relaxing and enjoying life after being in the international limelight after her stupendous litter of 18 Dalmatian puppies. Miley lives with her daughter CCDals Tilly The Love Story (Tilly), a big thank you goes to Jade Martin who arranged the 6 month reunion to celebrate this milestone. Three of the very special siblings; CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris), CCDals Tilly The Love Story (Tilly) and CCDals Cruise Endless Love (Cruise) out of the litter of 18 got to participate in the reunion with lots of fun and games plus yummy party treats. Miley was also very excited to reunite with her siblings.

Pictured Below left to right; CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris), CCDals Tilly The Love Story (Tilly) and CCDals Cruise Endless Love (Cruise).



All the puppies from the litter reside in Australia with 13 puppies living in Victoria, 3 in South Australia and 2 in Western Australia.


The Internationally Famous Dalmatian father CCDals Astro Wonder Boy (Astro) also got reunite with his siblings CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris) and CCDals Cruise Endless Love (Cruise) having an absolute ball.

All puppies are growing very rapidly with the minimum weigh now per puppy is 15- 20 kg.

This Internationally Famous Litter of 18 Dalmatian puppies is still receiving international appraisal with Catherine Muxworthy an independent editor writing this brilliant article about the development of the litter; Scribol.

Pictured below are all the 18 Puppies now 6 months old, note their pet name are all included in their pedigrees.

18-Puppies-at-6-months-of-agePictured above from left to right; CCDals Tilly The Love Story (Tilly), CCDals Loki True Love (Loki), CCDals Stella Love Star (Stella),CCDals Cruise Endless Love (Cruise), CCDals JayDee Astro Love (JayDee), CCDals Lexi Devine Love (Lexi), CCDals Oreo Pure Love (Oreo), CCDals Lucia Sweet Love (Lucia), CCDals Lexi Love Heart (Lexi), CCDals Dakota Real Love (Dakota), CCDals Love Always Pepper (Pepper), CCDals Poppy Forever Loved (Poppy), CCDals Luna Love Good (Luna), CCDals Dixie Pixie Love (Dixie), CCDals Pongo Pure Love (Pongo), CCDals Remi Colour Of Love (Remi), CCDals Pocky True Love Heart (Pocky) and CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris).

The next schedule massive reunion for the Internationally Famous litter with a pool party and lots more is planned for February 2018.

CCDalmatians is very excited to see how this Internationally Famous litter of Dalmatians grows up and develops.




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  1. Great read Cecilia. So lovely to see all of those beauitful faces again.

  2. No wonder the puppies are so cute, look at their beautiful mother!
    Well done Cecilia.


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