09 Sep 2017

Introducing CCDalmatians Paris and Cruise


Paris and Cruise (from the internationally famous CCDals litter of 18) step out into the world of conformation showing with their first appearance on the 9th of September 2017 at the following two shows; the Yea & District Canine Association Inc (AM) show and the  Seymour & District Kennel Club Inc (PM) show. The two championship shows on the same day allowing both puppies the opportunity to meet many new friends including both 2 and 4 legged varieties.

Competing in the Baby Puppy Class (3-6 month age group) they successfully strutted their stuff sharing the win of Baby Puppy of Breed across both Shows. CCDals From Paris With Love took the honors in the first show (pictured in the feature image) followed by CCDals Cruise Endless Love in the second show (featured in the video below). The Baby Puppy class does not compete against the other classes for the challenge certificate and Best of Breed. Instead it is more about a lot of fun and cuteness while giving the youngsters some much needed experience in the ring at the beginning of their show careers.

We could not be more proud of Paris and Cruise on their first few steps in the show ring. We are also very excited to see Paris and Cruise will achieve now and into the future as they continue to grow and mature.

Australian Champion CCDals Bright Diamond Design (Pictured Below) the niece to Paris and Cruise showed the puppies how to win in style, winning Runner Up Best of Breed and Bitch Challenge at the Yea & District Canine Association Inc show. Plus Australian Champion CCDals Calvin Klein Iconic Fame JC ET cousin to the puppies also won reserve Male Challenge and Intermediate of Breed at the Seymour & District Kennel Club Inc (PM) show.


CCDals wishes to sincerely thank the following individuals that came to puppies first show who genuinely helped, encouraged and supported plus videoed the adventures of the puppies and all the CCDalmatians as they returned to the ring in style; (in no particular order)

  • Douglas Marsh
  • Rob Vanderzwan (Professional video designer)
  • Jade Martin (Lulu, Graham and Tanath)

6 Responses to Introducing CCDalmatians Paris and Cruise
  1. I was lucky enough to see them on the day and they both are just adorable and simply cuteness personified.

  2. Dalmatian Baby Puppies are definitely cute and true characters

  3. So fabulous to see the new babies in the ring and the future look super bright for Paris and Cruise and CCDALS xxx

  4. Well done with the babies. Diamond is looking beautiful too. Very proud grandma. :)


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