02 Mar 2018

MoDals Celebrating The Year Of The Dog


MoDals worked with Seed Heritage Children Clothing to release their new clothing range for 2018 – Celebrating The Year Of The Dog in Asia and Australia.

In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle; 2018 is the Earth Dog Year.

MoDal CCDals Delta Royal Cleopatra (Delta). and MoDal CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris)(One on the Famous 18 Dalmatian puppies) (pictured in the feature image) worked with five children and one very special standard Poddle called Keanu. The children ranging in age from 6 months to 9 years old. Delta and Paris worked over eight hours to produce the exclusive clothing advertisements.

Delta-Heriage-Web-Image-AdvertisementCCDals Delta Royal Cleopatra (Delta) (Pictured Above)

They say “Never Work with Children and Animals”. We all proved everyone wrong, with all the children absolutely adoring the dogs and likewise the dogs loved the children plus all the attention.

Paris-Standard-Hat-Seed-AdvertCCDals From Paris With Love (Paris) Modelling the Seed Hat Range

The photos produced by Seed Heritage Clothing are sensational and really amplify the Year Of the Dog in their 2018 stock, ranging from hats, shoes, bags, accessories and clothing.


MoDal CCDals Delta Royal Cleopatra (Delta) and MoDal CCDals From Paris With Love (Paris) (Pictured above from left to right) modelling the new 2018 Seeds Children Clothing range celebrating the Year Of The Dog.

CCDalmatians wish to sincerely thank, Seed Heritage Clothing for the exclusive opportunity to model with them and for the amazing hospitality.


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  1. Awesome hat!


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