07 Mar 2018

Puppy Preschool CCDalmatians Duces the Class


CCDalmatians wishes to thank Ballarat Veterinary Practice for looking after Flash (CCDals Flash Dance) and Paige (CCDals Forever Perfect Paige) with their final vaccinations and for enabling Flash and Paige to excel in their Puppy Preschool.

Flash graduated from Puppy Preschool with honours –  CCDalmatians new recruit (pictured in the featured image).

Paige was the True Star at the official Royal Canin Graduation Puppy Preschool Ceremony conducted by Ballarat Vet Practice – 

“Paige Duxed the Class”…..Winning a huge bag of Royal Canin Junior Dry Food.Paige-and-Flash-Puppy-PreschoolPictured above (left to right) CCDals Flash Dance and CCDals Forever Perfect Page

CCDalmatians wish to sincerely congratulate Paige’s Family (Lauren, Bobby and Keeley) for Paiges sensational training.

Paige performed obedience tasks well beyond her age of only 15 weeks of age. Paige completed the following commands; recall, sit, stand, drop from a sit, drop from a stand, drop on recall, shake hands and crawl.

A very special thank you also goes to Dr Stewart Greedy Veterinarian pictured below with Flash after his final vaccination.


CCDalmatian wishes to also sincerely thank Ebony Armstrong and Sarah Pohlner (Vet Nurses) for conducting the Ballarat Vet Clinic Puppy Preschool.


Ebony and Sarah pictured above with Paige after she duxed the Class of 6 Baby Puppies; at the Official Royal Canin Graduation Puppy Preschool Graduation Ceremony.


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  1. Beauty and brains, could they possibly be the best Dalmatians in Australia….


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