Puppy Information

Dalmatian PuppyDalmatian puppies are bundles of joy with great outgoing personalities that love to please and often offer a smile or two.

From a young age they learn to run very fast and can be an amusement for hours. Like any adolescent child and/or puppy they require consistent rules and guidelines to create structure in their lives.  A structure that creates a well adjusted puppy, which understands, standard household expectations and is able to fit in with your family. According to Cesar Millan there is three –part fulfilment formula Mid for any dog: Exercise, Discipline (rules, boundaries and limitations) & Affection. In that order.

Should you be destined to become a Dalmatian owner please Register Your Interest with us to prevent any disappointment from missing out on one of CCDalmatians delightful bundles of joy.

CCDalmatians Next Planned Litters – Late June 2024

(Dam/Mother)- CCDals Vivid Zoe (Zoe) &

(Sire/Father) – Australian Champion CCDals Gucci True Elegance (Gucci)

Pictured below  – Left to Right – Zoe and Gucci 


Source Number RB109622

CCDalmatians litters are very carefully planned from quality standard show dogs – Daisy and Elvis Puppies 2020


Dalmatian PuppyWhat To Expect

All CCDalmatians are registered (Limited or Main) with Victorian Canine Associations (Dogs Victoria),

  • Wormed
  • Vaccinated
  • Mircochipped
  • BAER Hearing tested
  • Dew Claws Removed
  • Provided with 4 kg Bag of Royal Canin Dry Food
  • Provided with a Single Bed Mink Blanket
  • Provided with Shampoo
  • Provided With a Training Manual / Folder
  • Sale / Purchase Contract
  • Socialised with lots of hugs and kisses
  • Introduced to variety of noises
  • Brought up inside and outside
  • Provided basic training

All puppies are not to leave CCDalmatians before the age of 9 weeks old. New puppy owners are provided with clear and concise diet sheets and ongoing support, guidance and direction on how to train and maintain the health of their puppy through to adulthood. At CCDalmatians we also love updates on the progress of the pups once they leave us and would be delighted if you also maintained contact.


The CCDals Pedigree Prefix

All of the Dalmatians bred by CCDalmatians obtain the pedigree prefix of ‘CCDALS’.

A Typical CCDalmatians Litter

Dalmatian familyDalmatians make amazing family pets and will easily integrate into any active families lifestyle. They enjoy participating in all family activities and thrive on the love and attention from every member of the family. We’ve compiled a list of points below that prospective dog owners who are contemplating inviting a CCDals Dalmatian into their family unit must familiarise themselves with.

  • Learn and understand the traits, characteristics and welfare of the Dalmatian breed
  • Show patience, tolerance and loyalty and a want to train and enrich the dogs life
  • Regularly exercise your dog based on the age and needs of the dog (Dalmatians are long distance endurance runners and require a great deal of exercise and stimulation)
  • Maintain a very high quality diet low in Purines – a set protein Dalmatians cannot effectively digest
  • Devote the necessary time, energy and attention to your dog. Dalmatians are very social dogs and will develop separation anxiety if left constantly by themselves. CCDalmatians must be an integral part of the family
  • A high quality shelter must be provided to protect a Dalmatian from the elements especially when it is hot or cold. Dalmatians can suffer from sunburn during hot weather and chill blains when it is cold
  • A fundamental requirement is that you are willing to care, love and bond with your CCDalmatian for their entire life
CCDals Flash DanceExhibiting a show quality CCDals Dalmatian at dog shows can be a fun and rewarding experience for both the owner(s) & their dog. You will work as a team in the conformation ring to best show off your dog to the judges as you strive to achieve success. Dog showing requires an ongoing commitment of time, training and dedication as well as a willingness to travel to dog shows. We’ve compiled a list of points below that prospective dog owners who are contemplating owning and showing a CCDals show Dalmatian must familiarise themselves with.

  • A consistent commitment to attend dog shows and strive to become an effective team in the show ring
  • A willingness to learn how to show correctly and effectively apply skills learnt. (Mentoring supplied by CCDalmatians)
  • Plan and execute a regular training program building a positive partnership between you and your dog ensuring you both perform to your best potential in the show ring
  • Provide a high quality premium diet and regular exercise to ensure your dog is healthy and at their peak level of fitness
  • Familiarise yourself with how conformation shows work and read and understand the standards of the Dalmatian breed
  • Show the drive and determination necessary to achieve success in all age classes in the show ring with the aim of achieving your Australian Championship title
  • Able to plan and commit to travelling to and attending dog shows (this can sometimes include long distances and interstate travel)
  • Ability to display a dignified and competitive spirit when competing in the ring while remaining resilient in the face of adversity and politics
  • Your CCDals show Dalmatian may be required to take part in a breeding program later in their life

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