Why own a Dalmatian

Dalmatians are long distance endurance running dogs that were bred for guarding horses and carriages from robbers/highway men.

Before deciding on owning a Dalmatian please consider the following factors,

  • Do you like to be greeted when you arrive home with great excitement
  • Do like a dog that has a high degree of endurance
  • Do you like a dog that will walk and run for hours (after the age of 18-24 months of old)
  • Do you like a dog that will be a true soul mate and that will sit with you for hours
  • Do you like a dog that loves to play with children for hours
  • Do you like a dog that is easy going, fun loving and has a great sense of humour
  • Are you willing to be patient with training and guide your Dalmatian to grow into a wise and disciplined dog
  • Do you have the time, to devote to the needs of your special Dalmatian/soul mate

Genetic Faults

Dalmatians only have two inherit genetic faults (which is not inherited in all Dalmatians), one can be eliminated via BAER Testing (deafness) and the other Urate Stones which can be managed with a correct diet.

In Summary

A Dalmatian in summary is a very loyal dog that is an excellent ‘guard dog’ and is genuinely willing to please. A Dalmatian is in kind with all dogs, requiring structure and a strong pack leadership. A pack leader that amplifies consistent and concise direction/discipline with all obedience training.
Happy Dalmatian owner

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